How to Run an Effective Board Meeting

أغسطس 29, 2023

A well-run board meeting will improve decision-making and efficiency, enhance collaboration and time management skills and help companies get closer to their goals. However, to run a successful and efficient board meeting requires a fluid agenda, the appropriate template for a book of directors and clear governance guidelines.

Set clear meeting objectives for the board and then communicate these to members in advance. This helps everyone plan and prioritize discussion topics and avoid meetings that are too long and unfocused. Prioritize issues over updates, and limit meetings to 30 minutes per topic. This helps to keep discussions moving forward and reduce fatigue.

It is important to communicate clearly the decisions that will be taken during the meeting. Encourage open discussion and accept different opinions, but also be open about difficult issues or bad news. If a formal vote procedure is required, ensure the procedure is clearly defined and that a certain number of votes is required to reach a decision. Voting results are then recorded accurately in the meeting minutes, enabling monitoring and accountability.

After the meeting has ended and the meeting is over, review all of the decisions taken and formulate action items for each chief executive to present to their departments. This will help reinforce the new strategies agreed upon and ensure that each department is fully on board with implementing these goals. Review and evaluate the progress of these actions in subsequent meetings to foster a culture of accountability and ensure that everyone is following through.

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